Sunday, March 23, 2014

Museum Musings: Korakrit Arunanondchai at MoMA PS1

Photo via MoMA PS1 website
I first learned of Bangkok-raised Korakrit Arunanondchai's work while browsing #ffffff walls and upon seeing images of his art I was instantaneously hooked. The fire, the denim, the lights, the sounds - how does he do it? I felt that if emotions were an actual thing, as opposed to a sentiment, this is what they would be made of. This is what they would look and sound like (if that makes any sense).
Photo by Brittany Natale for The Gypsy Musings
Anyway, Korakrit has his first solo museum exhibition going on right now at MoMa's PS1 in Queens, NY called "2012-2555". This large scale installation (which is slated to be the first of three) focuses on his artistic achievements from 2008-2011 and also centers around his grandparents as they convert their family garden into their elderly home. 
Photo by Brittany Natale for The Gypsy Musings / Comfy Time at PS 1 @ Korakrit Arunanondchai
"The works explored the cyclical nature of life and memory. For Arunanondchai, the work also evokes the death of his current practice and transformation into a new one" (MoMA PS1

The show will be up through May 25, 2014. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Celebrate the Spring Equinox with Parachute Market (Los Angeles)

I really do wish that "being two places at once" was somehow possible, especially when I hear about some fantastic things happening on the West Coast (I am already envious of their consistent warm weather). But sadly, teleporting nor carbon copying ourselves still ceases to exist. 

This coming weekend in Los Angeles, the two-day, carefully curated Parachute Market will take place. Parachute Market, which is a seasonal design fair founded by set designer/interior decorator Coryander Friend in 2013, brings together both emerging and established artists and designers, allowing visitors to experience their new works. This season's market is inspired by the Spring Equinox - and the market will be a way to celebrate this season of light. In addition to the artists' and designers' works there will also be site-specific installations, live performances, and a communal table of local food artisans. I am having some serious FOMO right now. For a full list of participators click here

Below are some shots from their Summer 2013 market, "Psychedelic Summer": 
All Images via Parachute Market website

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finding Pablo (Picasso at the Met)

Picasso Photo taken by Brittany Natale for The Gypsy Musings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Art Crush: Pawel Althamer at the New Museum

Pawel Althamer's Exhibition 2014 "The Neighbors": Image via the New Museum, Photo by Nick Hunt
Last Thursday I was determined - determined to take the B39 into Manhattan after work and go to the New Museum (something I have been putting off for ages, sadly). On Thursdays the New Museum is open late (until 9PM) and if you have great patience for crowds you can also gain entry on a donation-basis from 7-9PM (I arrived at 6:30 and could not wait the extra 30 minutes, I was too excited to get into the exhibit that I said "screw it!" and paid the regular admission price). 
Photo by Brittany Natale for The Gypsy Musings
Anyways, Polish artist Pawel Althamer has an exhibition going on at the New Museum through April 13, 2014 called "The Neighbors", which includes "Draftsmen's Congress" - a blank white space located in the Fourth Floor Gallery where visitors are encouraged to paint and draw on. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#WCW: Jane Birkin

Hotel Wishlist: The NoMad Hotel NYC

All images from The NoMad Hotel website
Because sometimes you want to wake up in a different bed. Because sometimes you want to wake up to a tidy room. Because sometimes you just want to open your eyes and be greeted with new surroundings. Or sometimes you probably just are traveling and need a place to stay, that too.

I am almost sad that there is not another NoMad Hotel further away from me so I can have a legitimate excuse to stay there. Located in NoMad (get it?) on 28th St & Broadway, I feel The NoMad would be a place where restless travelers and magical gypsies choose to rest their tired bones at night.