Friday, July 27, 2012

Beyond the Trees. 

About a month ago we got to escape for a little out of the city and camp in a lovely piece of paradise, Worthington State Forest. 


Newest from The Killers. Always thoroughly enjoying B.flo's style. 

Pamela Love. 

Pamela Love, the mother of wonderful creations which in turn are the (literal) objects of my affection. With a penchant for creating extravagant jewelry from various materials, such as gold to precious stones, the pieces her imagination births are simply magical. The most current one that I find myself pining after is the ellipse necklace & ring (I may have a minor addiction), which I came across on ShopBop's website. Not usually being one for jewelry, I cannot help but be drawn to these pieces that take me to another world. I guess I just cannot help but love Love!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Sky & the Moon & the Stars..

Me. In my leopard. On my great-great-aunt's-now-grandmother's-sofa. 
     As I sit here reminiscing over my fried Ikea chicken and my Ikea meatballs and my Ikea cookies (yes, plural. Yes, two for a dollar! It's like thrift prices - version: food), I cannot help but think that I have failed to mention all the sweet furniture names (stating the obvious, I know).

How precious is Emmie Blom?

Or how about Emelina Knopp? (Sounds like a Downton Abbey character name, right?). 

Or Billy the bookcase!

These pictures are from, a magical place, sigh.  

My fried chicken & Swedish meatballs Ikean feast. 

On the hunt for new apartment furniture & decoration ideas. Ikea isn't complete without a visit to its cute cafeteria! Nomnomnom. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Feng Shui

I can't even pretend - I am a HUGE fan of the library. I am pretty sure that I may be the only human I know that still gets that rush of excitement upon planning a trip to the library. However, I have moved on from the "Teen Novels" section and have become more acquainted with books that do not require so much…commitment? (Is that the right word?) That being said, my last few library loans have covered topics such as Indian metaphysics, acupressure and Ram Dass' newest spiritual installment, "Be Love Now" (as if I could not get more random). However, due to my anticipated borough move, I have picked up something that could be quite beneficial: 

Saw this in the Spiritual book aisle and couldn't pass it up. I also got "Feng Shui in 5 Minutes" by Selena Summers, which has a nifty "Question & Answer" book format. 

A Feng-Shui chart I uncovered from The Spiritual Feng Shui
This is just the tip of the ice berg! 

Catching Up

Impromptu photo of my Pennsylvanian thrifts I got back in June at a small thrift shop in Carlisle. All proceeds go to the animal shelter, which is even swell-er! $1 black print mini dress & $1 children's print dress.

The Paper Trail

The Liquor Store boys & I in Clutch Magazine Japan. 

Dan (of The Sweethearts) & I, Clutch Magazine Japan. You can't really see it but I'm wearing a thrifted dress from Maui (that is one of my favorites!)
Shot for The Dayz Tokyo, weeeeee. 

Being awkward in Tribeca Citizen Style June edition. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


$7 Thrifted jumpsuit courtesy of a tiny thrift shop in Williamsburg (on Harrison Place).
Reminiscent of Bianca Jagger's 1970's jumpsuit. 

Dead Man's Bones 

Okay, I will be completely honest - I am a little late boarding the "Gosling train". Sure, he was adorable in The Notebook, had me cringing in (what I saw of) Drive and that breaking up the fight in the middle of Manhattan was great and all but nothing really grabbed my attention…Until - Has anyone listened to his band's music? 

Odds & Ends

Some of my thrifted treasures I found at the Goodwill on 86th St. & 2nd Ave. Teal 1893 book, 1970's Psychology book, old calendar with pretty black and whites, my Mason Jar mug and some pretty glass. 

I discovered a very beautiful, very ornate Hindu temple just a short walk from my home in Queens. Not only is the temple worth a visit but the small Indian bodega next to it sells some pretty awesome Hindu bits & pieces (example: I got some Ganesh stickers and they have a pretty big selection of hair henna!)

The New York Hall of Science