Tuesday, May 14, 2013


*All photos belong to Brittany Natale unless otherwise noted.* 

May is not only only wonderful because it means that summer is just around the corner but because it also means art fairs galore. Although I intended on going to more (such as NADA, Bushwick/Ridegwood Frieze Night, Parallax...okay, you get the idea) I was very pleased I made it to Cutlog. Cutlog, a French art fair that debuted in the Lower East Side this past weekend, included an extensive list of exhibitors from all over the world. Systematically set up in an old school (The Clemente on Suffolk Street) fair goers were able to easily browse through art of all kinds. Bring on the art!

Photo property of House of the Nobleman
Ryan and Trevor Oakes, "London City," Ink on cotton paper, linen tape, 7"x9"x12", 2012 shown at Cutlog NYC 2013.

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