Thursday, February 27, 2014

Artist Beth Hoeckel's Dreamy Landscapes and Cosmic Scenes

Indian Summer by Beth Hoeckel
I have been obsessed with collages/collaging for as long as I can remember. Every notebook I had in grade school would become covered in magazine cut outs during the first week of classes and the interior of my high school locker was a whole project within itself (so. much. decoupage.).  So it only makes sense that Beth Hoeckel's collaged pieces are some of my favorite works of art. Ever! 

Moonrise by Beth Hoeckel

I have been a fan of Beth for quite some time now. I first came across her work while coordinating a group show, then serendipitously came across her pieces again while perusing Rookie Mag and as of recently her art always seems to find me while I am on Society 6. Using found images from the pages of (mostly) thrifted vintage books, Baltimore-based Beth Hoeckel creates dreamy landscapes and cosmic scenes that incorporate both the ordinary and unordinary. And now for your viewing pleasure: 

Summer Stars by Beth Hoeckel

Crystal Ball by Beth Hoeckel

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