Saturday, February 8, 2014

Black Milk Clothing x Batman

Saturday mornings used to be for early morning cartoons, (insert your favorite sugary cereal here) and footie pajamas. Saturday afternoons were spent lounging on the living room couch, finally moving only after your mother (with much persistence) persuaded you to take a shower so you could finally start the day as a "real person". Ah, those were the good old days. But good news - Black Milk Clothing (Brisbane's funky clothing company that is known for their printed leggings, swimsuits, tops and skirts) is going super hero on us and debuting their "Black Milk Clothing x Batman" line this coming Tuesday February 11th (I know my roommate will be ecstatic). Even though we can't stay in all day and watch cartoons about our favorite superheroes any more (or can we?) we can at least dress like one. 

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