Thursday, February 6, 2014

Katharina Grosse Installation Brings Some Tye-Dye Terrain to Brooklyn

(Photo from Public Art Fund: Courtesy of the artist and Johann Konig, Photo by James Ewing) 
I am a sucker for adventures - it does not matter how big or small they are, if it looks to be interesting (even in the slightest bit) I will strap up my boots and journey on into the horizon. Okay, so I live in New York City so it is not like I am climbing mountaintops or kayaking the rapids on the daily, but nonetheless there is nothing like a great/teensy adventure to keep the day interesting.

I recently learned about the Public Art Fund, which is a wonderful non-profit organization that works to bring contemporary art installations to the wonderful people of New York City (for free). Maybe you recognize them from their July-December 2013 City Hall Park installation "Lightness of Being" or their installation of Rob Pruitt's "The Andy Monument" in Union Square a few years back. When I read that their current installation, Katharina Grosse's "Just Two of Us", had been installed in my home-borough of Brooklyn I had to see it. Capital H.A.D. because once I decide I am doing something I have to do it (oh the stories I have of all the things I just had to do). So to MetroTech Center I went….okay, more like ran.

Although I saw the installation while it was surrounded by third-day slush/snow combo (you can see my pic here: Instagram ), it was still quite nice seeing some tye-dye in the midst of concrete and all things grey.

The installation will be around through September 14, 2014 so you have some time to catch it!

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