Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Salvation Mountain Artist Leonard Knight Dies at Age 82

Photo by Joe Decruyenaere 
Perhaps you have seen it in Sean Penn's "Into the Wild" or the backdrop of British band Hurts' music video "Somebody to Die For". Whether you have gone to see this large art installation covering the hills near Calipatria, California in person or have just viewed  it through the scope of a computer screen, it has probably touched you in some way.

"Salvation Mountain", which was started by Vermont-born artist Leonard Knight nearly decades ago (after much trial and error), is a large scale art installation comprised of bales of straw and adobe covered in a dazzling array of colorful paints, much donated by people passing through. Knight started this art endeavor hoping that this message of love would be able to radiate throughout the world, therefore creating a place of peace and harmony. 

Knight died at a convalescent hospital in San Diego County. RIP Leonard xo May your work live on! 

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