Friday, February 28, 2014

Places with Character: Evolution, NYC

Photos by Brittany Natale

Countless times in the city I have passed along places of potential interest - whether it is because I am on my way to work or simply do not have the time to stop. I choose to keep walking instead, mentally making a note of this little gem. However, thanks to my friend I was reminded of a store that I have (sadly) been postponing my visit to for ages. Evolution, a quaint shop that upon a very quick glance I wrote off as some kind of gallery or edgy clothing boutique, completely blew me away. Happily overwhelmed from walls lined with a spectrum of butterfly wings, rarities such as bear skulls and ostrich eggs and copious amounts of fossils, I had seen nothing like it before. Within minutes I was lost among the items that were before me and my experience can be summed up in few words - an amazing sensory overload. 

THE EVOLUTION STORE. 120 Spring Street. NY, NY.

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